Gene Schulist

Gene Schulist


Born and brought up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Gene started his working career as a certified X-Ray technician. After various sales and administrative employments, he started his entrepreneurial life as a co-founder of Station WVCR, a video cassette rental company, in 1986. When Terri came home frustrated with a school supply shopping trip, Gene followed Terri's idea and began calling on schools in the SE Wisconsin area. After working hard for Terri for over 20 years, he finally was able to become President of School-Pak in 2012, breaking through the "mascara" ceiling. Gene currently serves on the Business Advisory Board for the University of Wisconsin-Platteville Business School and is a music lover with over 35,000 songs on each of his I-Pods. Married to Terri for over 46 years, Gene shares an office with her where they trade ideas back and forth. Gene & Terri have two sons, Jason (Kasia) and Nick (Mel) and four great grandchildren, Adam, Noah, Alexis and Justin Tate.

My Skills

Access Programming 99
Excel 99
Marketing 99

Our Team

  • President

    Gene Schulist

    Gene oversees School-Pak's operations as President.
  • Founder

    Terri Schulist

    As Founder of School-Pak, Terri's main focus is Finance and Purchasing.