Customer Testimonials

I love that this is available, thank you! A friend once did a price comparison - she found the school supply list for very slightly less money, but had to go to FIVE stores. Not worth it!

Nancy Urbani (Mequon, WI)

Received our sample pak today. All I can say is these people are nuts if they don't order a SchooI-Pak!  We (the office staff & myself) were all very impressed.  So far, as a whole, I'm very impressed with all the marketing materials.

Brandi (Fredonia, KS)

"I have been working with School-Pak for several years now. School-Pak has made my job of offering school supplies for purchase to parents extraordinarily easy and stress-free. School-Pak's products are exceptional quality - I never hear complaints from parents! School Pak's customer service can't be beat - answers to my questions are usually addressed instantaneously or within the business day. If you are in charge of ordering school supplies for your school, I would highly recommend using School-Pak. They couldn't make the process any easier for you."

Nancy O'Connor