2001: A year of ups and down

2001: A year of ups and down

2001 started out very well for us. We had increased the number of schools and our sales were up by over 30%! Our employees were the best we had up to that time, our accuracy had increased and everyone was happy.

So we were excited when our son announced he was getting married. In Poland. What a trip that was.

We initially stayed in the old Jewish ghetto part of Krakow. He had arranged tours of the castle, sites where Schindler’s List were filmed, and then a tour of the area near Krakow.

It was very moving going to Auschwitz, walking under that iconic gate and seeing the grounds. It’s really pretty impossible to explain. We then toured the Wieliczka Salt Mine and ended up in Zakopane in the mountains. It was an unforgettable tour.

After the wedding (two days with seven meals for the reception), Terri and I decided to take a side trip to Prague as we felt we should take advantage of being in Europe.

One of the most romantic cities in the world, Prague was wonderful. We arrived on Monday and then, on Tuesday, the trip took an incredible turn. Tuesday was September 11, 2001. We were so far from home and worried about returning.

We eventually got home safely but our world took a horrendous turn in December. That’s when Terri’s doctor walked into the room and announced, “You have cancer, but it’s the good kind”. Like there’s a good kind of cancer.

Christmas took on a different look as Terri faced surgery in January. Tears and depression were the focus, knowing how important family was and not knowing what the future would bring.

Terri had a mastectomy in January and has been cancer free since then. It’s been 12 years and counting. While we face the challenges of running a business, we cherish each and every day.