Best of Luck to a Competitor

Best of Luck to a Competitor

There was startling news today about the huge losses by WalMart on the stock market. They try so hard to be there for everyone (even providing jobs in foreign countries). My thoughts are with them during these trying times.

It also stated that the family members themselves saw a loss of about $11 billion dollars. They may have to shop in their own stores to make thier dollars stretch during these difficult times. 

In the spirit of friendly competition, I've posted the following letter on our facebook page, reaching out to #9 on the list of top 10 richest people in the country. It's important to step out and do something positive for those who may be in need.

"Open letter to Jim Walton, Bensonville, Arkansas:

Dear Jim,

Saw on the news the horrible loss that WalMart suffered in the stock market and I understand the Walton family endured an $11 billion loss.

As we prepare for the next year, please consider taking a production line position with School-Pak. The hours are great with no evenings or weekends and we will start you at $8.00 per hour, over the minimum wage requirements. Should you stay with us, we would increase by 50¢ each year.

Since it's seasonal work, 12 weeks a year, your $3,840 wages would require you to work approximately 260,417 years for each billion you lost.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.



Be sure to share with others and lets get a groundswell of support for Jim and his family as they face a possibly bleak future. :)

(Source of graphic: Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Updated to reflect losses as of the closing of trading on Oct 14, 2015)