Keep Out Of The Reach of Children

Keep Out Of The Reach of Children

Does this look dangerous to you? Do you keep it under lock and key in your house? Or maybe up on a high shelf?

Softsoap, along with Clorox Wipes, Wet Ones and Purell Hand Sanitizer, has a very explicit warning: "Keep Out Of The Reach of Children". Huh? Those much needed items on school supply lists aren't safe for children? Are they only allowed to be used under the direct supervision of an adult? Should they be hidden in the school?

There's a large controversy about the use of these products in schools. We were told a number of years ago that there are school districts that have banned the products after being contacted by their local fire departments. Alcohol based, the products are considered flammable. A Google search will come up with a story of a man who used hand sanitizer, lit a cigarette and had extensive burns on his hands. Another warns that ingesting hand sanitizer in quantities of 1½ oz or more can be fatal. You have to wonder what else is in there to make it dangerous.

Stories abound about the FDA looking into the matter but all indications are that, at this time, they're not raising a warning about their use. I would presume that the use of these products are being monitored by the teacher in the classroom. The Clorox wipes are probably there to clean the desks frequently. If the teacher is actually doing it, that's OK. If the kids are doing it, there's a good reason they're not hungry at supper time after smelling their hands.

It's hard to believe that Softsoap, that ubiquitous handwash in our homes, schools and offices should be kept away from children (unless properly supervised by an adult). Being a grandparent means worrying about the safety of our grandchildren. They're probably losing immunity from future diseases by using these products. I guess I'll just warn them not to light up a cigarette after cleaning their hands. :)