What's The Cost of Shopping for School Supplies?

What's The Cost of Shopping for School Supplies?

Every once and a while we're asked how we compare to WalMart, Target, Office Depot, etc. for school supply shopping. 

The main difference is that you can buy a School-Pak without leaving home. The second difference is that we have everything available and the stores do not. You generally have to go from store to store, sometimes in consecutive days, nights, or weeks to find those elusive items. Next up, these stores will, in many cases, use lesser quality items at a low discounted price to get you to come into the store.  Our binders have the highest quality rings and prodution, guaranteed for the school year.

But most important is not wasting money. Fill out the following chart and see what it may be costing you.



A. AAA per mile cost of car usage (includes gas, oil, insurance, etc)*.


Small sedan — Chevrolet Cruze, Ford Focus, Honda Civic, Nissan Sentra and Toyota Corolla. (46.4 ¢)
Medium sedan — Chevrolet Impala, Ford Fusion, Honda Accord, Nissan Altima and Toyota Camry. (58.9 ¢)
Large sedan — Buick Lucerne, Chrysler 300, Ford Taurus, Nissan Maxima and Toyota Avalon. (72.2 ¢)
SUV — Chevrolet Traverse, Ford Explorer, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Nissan Pathfinder, Toyota 4Runner (73.6 ¢)
Mini-Van — Dodge Grand Caravan, Kia Sedona, Honda Odyssey, Nissan Quest, Toyota Sienna (65.0 ¢)

          Vehicle charge _________ X Miles ____________ = A  ______________

B: Child Care

1. Babysitter ($10.00 per hour)

2. Child Care Center ($10.00 per hour)

3. Take Along (food, candy, etc.)

4. Family (Incalculable)                                                                         

                                                                                                +  B _____________

C. Average Income (per capita)

HOURS _____ (We suggest 4) (Include drive times to multiple stores, waiting in line, etc.)

1. $13.53 per hour x hours** (based on 4 hours this should be $54.12)   
                                                                                                 +   C  _____________

                                           GRAND TOTAL: _____________

*Information from AAA 2014 Report Driving Costs. AAA 2014 Report

                                 ** $27,067 / 2000 hours per year = $13.53 (Sperling’s Best Places)


Courtesy of School-Pak, Inc (www.schoolpak.com)