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Strength, Anger and More Anger

      Back in July of 2013, I wrote about Lily Dove, a little girl who played on our Jackson Area Rookie Girls Baseball team. Lily had been diagnosed with Leukemia the month before. I've followed her journey through a wonderful website, 

2001: A year of ups and down

2001 started out very well for us. We had increased the number of schools and our sales were up by over 30%! Our employees were the best we had up to that time, our accuracy had increased and everyone was happy.

So we were excited when our son announced he was getting married. In Poland. What a trip that was.


Wow! The summer is finally over, all the packs have been sent and all the summer help is now busy studying. So it's time to catch up on some blogging. And there's a lot to talk about.

This first one, a difficult one to write, is about Lori Wozniak, our office manager who passed away earlier this month.

Realizing What's Important

Running a business can be difficult. We have to be concerned with all those things that make us go. Do we have enough product? Do we have enough workers? What will it cost to ship to a school? Can we lower prices? What do the customers want?

And then we get that shock to the system that makes us step back and see real life.