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The School-Pak Story, Part 2

Don't know how this was missed but apparently it was never posted. Here's part 2 of our story.

Crayola became our first company to deal with.

Like most big companies that get approached by a start-up, Crayola wouldn’t give us credit. But they did come up with an interesting program.

January 13, 2013 - 5:35pm

Time for a little personal pride.

Just welcomed Justin Tate (JT) Schulist to the world about an hour ago. Nick (our son) and his wife Mel added Justin around 4:28pm this afternoon.

This makes the 4th grandchild, 3 boys and 1 girl.

Made in the US?

Wow, the campaigning is just about over. Hopefully everyone voted.

The big topic this year has been the economy and how slow the recovery has been. Unemployment numbers have remained relatively high throughout the summer and hopefully, whoever wins, there are plans to get people back to work.

Binder Problems

Mitt Romney isn’t the only person having to deal with binder issues.

When we first started School-Pak, we made every effort to provide high quality, durable binders. Then came the competition, offering packs with economy binders, much lower in cost.

Competition: Fair or Unfair?

Running a business is difficult.

First come up with an idea. Then see if it’s accepted.

Next find suppliers for your product. Realize you’ll be doing almost everything out of your home for awhile but know that, at some time, you’ll need an office and warehouse space.

Summer's half over

Summer keeps speeding by and we're getting a lot of orders. Hard to believe that we're at the half-way point. And we're having a problem with a large supplier, Mead. Apparently the "big" retailers (Wal-Mart, Amazon, etc)have items made specially for them by Mead.